How Dream Wear was Born!

Dream Wear Boutique was born in late April 2020 during the quarantine. Like many people I had a lot of free time to think about life and what I enjoy doing. I love to travel but I also love fashion and business. For years I have thought I would like to have a boutique one day, in late April I decided why wait for someday if I can make it happen now. That is how my journey started to create Dream Wear Boutique.  

Dream Wear Boutique is not just about fashion it is about the whole woman, it is a lifestyle brand. I created the brand to make women feel empowered, beautiful, confident, and free. Catering to mostly beachwear including dresses and accessories.  I wanted the collections to be different from other brands, a brand that values women. Sexy is not in my fashion vocabulary. There is so much more to fashion than being sexy, the most important is to feel comfortable in your own skin. In order to feel comfortable you need to be confident. I find that the best way to feel confident is through the clothes you wear. This is why at Dream Wear I use the words chic, flirty, fun instead of sexy. We are women and do not need to feel sexualized to feel and look amazing!  Dream offers a variety of sizes S-XL and styles to give women confidence when wearing their Dream Wear!